How long have you been photographing?

I first picked up the camera when I was in the 7th grade...I haven't put it down since ;)

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I have been shooting professionally since my sophomore year of College at Brooks Institute of Photography in 2009.


Do you have a studio space?

Yes, I have a studio at 2507 1/2 Bammel Lane.

I shoot both indoor with strobe, and outdoor in natural light. Occasionally I also travel to clients homes for specific shoots as well.


A lot of your images seem to be outside during daylight...are you comfortable with flash?

Because I specialize in outdoor, ambient light, I am often asked whether I am comfortable with flash. The answer is YES. Living in Houston, I have to be comfortable with all types of photography. I have created a separate gallery of flash/indoor weddings for brides who would like to see them. 


Do you travel for weddings?

Yes. I travel internationally for work. I have shot weddings all around the US, as well as outside the country. My Complete Wedding Coverage Package includes travel--with a few limitations.


I cannot afford to have you shoot my whole day - do you have customizable packages for brides on tighter budgets?

Yes, I do offer customizable packages for brides on tighter budgets. Please email me for more information.